Progress with my evvvillll plans

This is Wendy & Lior. They are aiding and abetting in my eevvillll plan.Photo by Kim Fox Photography

I met Wendy through the Knot. We’ve become friends over the last couple of months. So, when she asked me to design her wedding invitation suite, I was honored. Wendy only had a few stipulations:
1. Invites had to have a modern feel
2. Incorporate a “Swirly Pattern”
3. Simple enough for her to Gocco print and DIY at home

I drew some of my inspiration from her wedding venue – Villa de la Vina in Malibu.
Here are some pics of her venue:

We ran into a few production hiccups. Because of that, her invites have had several incarnations. Thankfully, we got the kinks worked out. I helped assemble these invites.
Here is the finished product:

***Personal info has been removed to protect privacy.
Thank you Wendy & Lior for being among my first clients!

I have another invite suite to blog about, but I’ll wait until after their wedding to post. Don’t worry, JV…I didn’t forget about your invites;)


4 thoughts on “Progress with my evvvillll plans

  1. B-E-A-UTIFUL! And what stunningly beautiful envelope liners she has there :-)They’re really amazing Anne, GREAT job!

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