Repetition of a Theme

Here’s an another photo from my early portfolio.
I took this photo when I was a Senior in High School.

This is a photo of my would-be Senior Prom dress. I was so in love with this dress at the time. My mom and I purchased it at a Nordstrom Rack just outside of Washington, D.C. It was a steal. We bought it for the low price of $75. I was ecstatic. If only, my quest for a prom date went as smoothly. As luck would have it, I could not get a date and decided to go sans date. It was a bold move at the time, but I wasn’t brave enough to rock this dress without a date. So, I wore something else. I never wore it anywhere except for in pictures.

So, I dug around for pictures of me in this dress and made a startling discovery…

my prom dress = my wedding dress!

On the left is a photo of me in my Prom dress in 1991. On the right is from my wedding last summer. The dresses are freakishly similar. Aside from me wearing them, they had one common denominator – my mom.

My mom had suggested I wear my prom dress for my wedding since it was ivory and classic. I was horrified and immediately rejected the idea. I thought it was a Miss Havershim (from “Great Expectations”) idea. All I needed was a rotting cake, a wilting prom corsage and I would have been set.

I underestimated that my mom is a clever, clever woman. I should have known she would find a way to sneak my prom dress (or an amazing facsimile of it) in . My mom and I found my wedding dress at a bridal boutique’s Going-Out-of-Business sale. She handed it to me after I had tried on a multitude of blah, ill-fitting dresses. I was relieved to find a dress that fit. It was $200. I snatched it up.

I realize now that I had been duped. Thankfully, this is one time that I don’t mind that my mom was right. My wedding dress is classic. I don’t think I will cringe years from now when I look at my wedding photos. Now, if only I had just listened to her and had my prom dress altered. I could have saved $200!


One thought on “Repetition of a Theme

  1. That’s hilarious! Our tastes may change and evolve, but they never really change. I’m so sad that you didn’t rock the prom dress at your prom. You look so happy in it!

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