The Knot Sisterhood

Name tag I designed for Saturday’s event

Before my wedding, I had posted that I had some favorite wedding-related websites. One was and the other was the To say that the Knot was my favorite wedding website is a gross understatement. The Knot is an addiction. I have an alter-ego – bANNEd_in_LA. Even though my wedding was more than 6 months ago, I’m still heavily involved. I should be ashamed, but I am not. I don’t know what it is, but you really get emotionally invested in the weddings of strangers.

Actually, after a few weeks on the Knot, the ladies on the boards stop being strangers. You form an unspoken sisterhood forged by the stress of wedding planning. I swear, wedding planning really does rot your brain. Things that never would have been of any significance suddenly are important. It really does help to have people to talk to that don’t think you’ve lost your mind because you’re stressed out because you can’t find “the right” flower vases. It also helps to have people who understand when you want to kill your entire bridal party for not ordering their dresses in time or that your future mother-in-law is crazy.

This past Saturday, I went to a Knot Get-together (GTG). I’ve been to a few in the past. I’ve even organized a few events. This was the largest one I’ve been to thus far. Approximately 30 ladies attended. It was really fun to finally put faces to the names. It was held at the Granville Cafe in Burbank. Poor Granville, I don’t think they know what hit them. The event started at 2pm. There were sangrias and mojitos aplenty. There were so many people that I wanted to chat with that I didn’t know where to begin. I sat on one end of an L-shapded table and sadly did not get to talk to as many people as I wanted. The majority of people left around 4-4:30.
Seven of us, however, drove the staff crazy and stayed until 7pm! We really just couldn’t tear ourselves away. I enjoyed it so much that I’m disappointed that I’ll be missing the next GTG:(

Here are some pics from Saturday:

Kit12345, Chocolatelver, & event organizer Janice74

(L-R facing the camera) Joellaann, Wendy55, POG, & Jord.Taylor

OCBride08, Miss_Randi & ptflip
Mrs. Veroni, KZ, & POG
Springtime_bride, Stempsko, Coconuthoney, gingerbreadgirl, csunsweetie, & AliGoesBridal

Here’s a better photo of the name tags I designed. Borrowed from jord.taylor’s blog.


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