Legomaniacs Unite!

Rob and I were legomaniacs growing up. We even paid homage to this shared love of Legos at our wedding by having a Lego cake topper.
When the nephews expressed interest in going to Legoland in Carlsbad, we were secretly thrilled. Who wouldn’t want to go to a theme park with Legos everywhere? This was our perfect opportunity to check the place out. We hadn’t gone on our own because the place is definitely geared towards the 3-12 crowd.

Franky and I had gone to Legoland 4 years ago and had a blast. We both knew it was going to be fun. This was Rob’s, Cathee’s, & Ethan’s 1st Time there. The place did not disappoint. Even though the place was a tad bit crowded, we were able to ride some rides. Getting the nephews on rides is a HUGE deal. They will snowboard all day, but are completely terrified of the simplest amusement park rides. These are the same boys that were freaked up by the tram ride on the Universal Studios backlot. I have a sneaking suspicion that the temporary newfound courage was brought on by the presence of “Uncle Rob”.

The highlights of the day were not the rides, but all the goofy portraits we took amongst all the Lego statues and dioramas. I think I have created monsters. For years, I’ve been a photo hound. Now, Cathee is also a picture-taking fool and my nephews are hams. Add Rob to the mix and you get some really silly pictures.

For your entertainment, I present these:

Typical Tourist Photo of Rob & the nephews at the Park Entrance
“F” is for Franky
“E” is for Ethan
Lego Tourists
Ethan with a Lego Spongebob
Ethan going for a drive
Franky going for a quick trip

How about some Lego Mariachis?
Rob trying to blend in with a bear while “borrowing” Ethan’s hat
Sir Ethan of Virginia
Sir Ethan in action

Franky and his favorite Bionicle
More Bionicle love


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