A Guy’s Girl Converted

You are a guy’s girl

Turn on the game and lift a beer You’re a true guy’s girl – the easy-going, jeans-and-t-shirt sort. Burgers and fries are an essential part of your diet. Definitely low-maintenance and very natural, there’s still gobs of femininity under your sporty exterior. Pulling out the little black dress and strappy sandals every so often knocks your man’s socks off. Besides knowing the latest sports scores by heart, you actually enjoy hanging out with your significant other’s friends. In a romance, you’re your man’s friend as much as his lover, and he never has to worry about playing mind games with you. The perfect mix of the girl next door and the sporty chick, you’re spontaneous & fun.

I took an online quiz and got the above results. I didn’t really need to take a quiz to know that I’m a “guy’s girl”. I’ve spent the majority of my life having mostly male friends. When I was 4, my best friend was a boy named Robbie. In high school, I had a slew of guy friends that were like my big brothers. This tendency carried on through college and well into adulthood.

This is not to say that I have never had or have women friends. I have just found that I have had differing priorities. When I was kid, I had no interest in Barbies, but I loved to play house and dress-up. In high school, I would giggle like the best of them about crushes on boys, but I didn’t share their fascination with make-up and boy bands. I could go on and on. However, I think you can see the pattern.

Flash-forward to the recent past. In June 2006, I got engaged. Suddenly, I became a girly girl. I became obsessed with dresses, shoes, flowers, etc. Looking back on it, the change was remarkable. For while, I think even Rob was a little surprised.

Up until this point, I’ve had one female friend that I trusted unfailingly – Cicely. A byproduct of this change is now I have a network of women friends. I’ve bonded with several women over the obsession that is wedding planning. While others, I have met through blogs. The one thing that has been a welcome surprise is that it’s been a gift to belong to a circle of women. The support and camaraderie has been a blessing. I never realized what I was missing and I really am grateful. To my friend who has always been there and my new friends thank you, for broadening my horizons.


One thought on “A Guy’s Girl Converted

  1. I don’t think I would have ever pegged you as a guys’ girl. I’m glad you obsessed over the wedding stuff though 🙂 I don’t know what the knotties would do without you!

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