There’s been a lot of hub-bub about Pinkberry. There’s even been a L.A. Times article about this phenomenon. I had a rough day. So as a treat, I thought I would investigate Pinkberry for myself. Thankfully, there is one right by my office. I took a short break and headed over there.

The store was bright and cheerful. The staff was incredibly helpful and gave me a few small samples. With all the choices they had to offer, I went with a small green tea flavor with Cap’n Crunch Topping. Here’s some photos I took before I dove into it.
It looks delicious, right? The little girl in me was excited about the Cap’n Crunch. Two spoonfuls later, I felt cheated. I equate cold and creamy to sweet and delicious. In this case, it was tart?! I just couldn’t get over the tartness of it. When I have a dairy product and it tastes sour, all I can think is that it’s gone bad. I ended up eating most of the Cap’n Crunch. I gave the rest to my co-worker who happily devoured it. Pinkberry fans, you can keep your frozen nastiness. Just point me in the direction of the nearest Coldstone Creamery or Baskin Robbins.


3 thoughts on “Pinkberry

  1. I LOVE fro-yo because of its tartness. Pinkberry is a little too sweet for me and I prefer BareNaked’s frozen yogurt. But I’m pretty sure you’d hate it, haha. However, you might like the Golden Spoon. I don’t, because it tastes like ice-cream and is seriously lacking in tartness. HA! *BPS- your card is finished and will be mailed tomorrow! 🙂

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