DIY Holiday Gift – Co-workers

In keeping with my handmade, custom Christmas gifts. I made these little jars of goodies for my co-workers. I should say I assembled these. I don’t actually make edibles. I refrain from baking to ensure people’s safety and well-being. Last time I baked, I scared the dog and I think I ruined the only baking pan I own. Instead of baking, I pride myself on knowing where to find good edibles. They turned out cuter than I expected. I’ll probably make a few more for friends and family.

Here’s what I used to create them:

Containers of Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Mini Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from Trader Joes $2.99 each.

Mini Spice Jars from Ikea 4 for $2.99

Not pictured Ribbon from Michaels $1.99 per 5 yard spool.

I was inspired by this entry from Miss Cupcake on
Here is a photo of her version.


2 thoughts on “DIY Holiday Gift – Co-workers

  1. Love these! What a great idea for a gift. My favorite Trader Joe’s item is the peanut butter filled chocolate covered pretzels. They’re awesome!

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