To the races!

I am a woman of varied interests. So when one of our advertising clients called me on Friday and offered me tickets to Superbike Races, I jumped at the chance. I hadn’t been to a race in ages. I am a motor sport enthusiast. However, DO NOT confuse me for those hee-haw rednecks that watch Nascar races and go to Monster Truck rallies. Offer me tickets to any of those events and I will politely pass them on to someone else.

I’m not exactly sure how I came to enjoy motor sports except to say I think the men in my life are to blame. First, while growing up, I was Daddy’s girl. He and I spent lots of time around cars. Not fixing them or wrenching on them (I’m not THAT much of a tomboy), but driving them and appreciating their luxury or performance. When I was old enough to drive, my father insisted on teaching me how to drive a manual transmission. Then we took regular test drives at different car dealerships… of course under the guise that he was going to buy me a new car for High School graduation. The new car never materialized. I did receive a 5-speed Honda Prelude Si. That was as good as a brand new car as far as I was concerned. That car was quick and handled like a dream. With that, my love of speed was born.

Second accomplice to my love of motor sports is my brother Nate. Nate is 9 years younger than me. This does not stop either one of us from introducing the other to high adrenalin, expensive hobbies. Upon driving age, Nate not only got into cars, but became obsessive about street racers. He got a Honda Civice Hatchback and “hooked it up” so to speak. Being the supportive sister that I am, I took an interest as well. Then again, I didn’t really have a choice in the matter. Somehow or another, I always got persuaded (read: conned into) making banners or flyers for his car club events. Then he would talk about cars incessantly. So, the addiction continued.

The last accomplice is my fiance, Rob. Somehow when we first met, I got roped (again! read: conned into) working on some video production projects with him. His concepts involved…surprise… surprise… motor sports! For a time, we spent every weekend at some kind of racing event… touring cars… drag races… you name it, we were there to get footage. In the end, we got a 30 second commercial out of it… and I was completely smitten with racing.

Since then, we go to several race events a year. Which brings us to this weekend’s event, I am not necessarily an aficionada of motorcycles, but I decided to go. I’m more of a car girl in all honesty. I still enjoy the roar of the motors as they speed past me. It was a good time. It wasn’t too crowded. The weather was perfect. Although, I believe I did myself a disservice. Trying to get Rob to wait to buy a motorcylce is definitely going to be an uphill battle after taking him to races. I guess you have to pay for your fun in the long run…

F ree tickets courtesy of Honda

This is the closest he’s going to get to a Ducati anytime soon… he just doesn’t know it yet..


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