Splish, splash, splish, splash….OUCH!

Today, we went to Mayfield Falls. Mayfield Falls is about 1.5 hrs away from Negril. Instead of opting for a Tour Company to pick us up and take us there, we hired a driver. Roy picked us up around 10AM… He pulled up in his immaculate, hermetically-sealed Toyota Van. Everything was covered in plastic. I wanted to laugh and ask if he was part filipino. He was so boisterous and charming. Taxi drivers in Jamaica are DEFINITELY not like drivers in the U.S. In Jamaica, they are part driver, part tour guide… and roundtrips are the norm. They don’t just drop you off and take off. They patiently wait for you to finish up your business…And it isn’t surprising for them to pick up a friend a two “to come along for the ride” since they’re going the same way. In our case, we brought a gardener from the resort halfway to his home. The cost for this trip was Roy ribbing and teasing him the whole time. With Roy’s colorful commentary and our cooler full of Red Stripes, the road trip was one of the most entertaining road trips I’ve been on… minus a DC Shopping Trip with Cicely & Heather…. Add in the rollercoaster ride caused by the “roads” and we were really having a good time. (Roads = dirt paths through sugarcane fields with HUGE potholes). Trips like these make me lust after a 4×4 truck..

We arrived at our destination ready to go.

This is how a travel website describes it:
A series of waterfalls with 22 bathing offering a natural Jacuzzi in a charming riverbed that runs through farming country in a magnificent valley surrounded by serrated peaks. Walk through the bottle-green water beneath luxuriant hanging greenery and amid the sprouts of bamboo to the highest of the Falls, which tumbles about 50 feet.

Upon arrival, we had to sign a waiver and pay a small fee of $10 USD. It was very hot and humid. We were assigned a guide, Ron & a videographer, Val. (Yes, I said videographer… with an entrance fee of $10, they have to make money somehow.) Quickly, we got our bathing gear on and left the rest of our stuff in our assigned hut/picnic area. Before we started our trek through the river and waterfalls, Ron reminded us to be careful and that the rocks were very slippery. (This turned out to be a key piece of info that I did not heed as well as I should have…) Then, we were off.

I cannot adequately describe how amazing an adventure it was. The forest around us was so lush and the water felt so good in contrast to the hot and humid air. I think my photos will give a better description of how it all looked. Ron did an amazing job of pointing out different places to sit and enjoy the water. The trip went back and forth between sitting in pools, wading through the water and jumping off rocks into deeper pools. I couldn’t have asked for more…. except maybe skip my “little mishap”.

As with most of my adventures, there is always some little snafu. Luckily, this time I didn’t land in the emergency room. When they say the rocks were slippery, they weren’t kidding. Ron brought us to one of the first jumping/diving points. There was an outcropping of rocks next to a tree. Ron did a dive off of the rocks into the cool, deep water to demonstrate. My brother, Nate followed him up with a huge canonball. I was up next. I was leaning against the tree. When I shifted my weight to get ready to jump, my feet slid out from under me. Next thing you know it was bonk, bonk, bonk… SPLASH! All I could think is that I didn’t want to smack my head on a rock. I was completely stunned. I couldn’t decide whether or not I want to try to jump off again or call it quits then and there. I did neither. Instead, I perservered on and had a great time. Needless to say, Ron our guide was worried and decided to hold my hand like an invalid or a small child. The best part is that my little bobble got caught on film. I even own a copy of the DVD they provided… and someday if I’m bored I might even post it on this blog…hahahah… yeah right…
Evidence of my little mishap…

Fortunately, the rest of the trip went a lot more smoothly. I think the ibuprofen and Red Stripe helped alot. We stopped and bought fruit from a Rastafari named Bashi (Pete). He let us sample some breadfruit and showed some young cannabis plants he had growing… Sorry to disappoint, but despite generous offers, I did not partake in any ganja smoking. Roy also took us to this really good jerk chicken place in Savanna-La-Mar… It was such a local hangout that they didn’t even bother to give it a name… All is all it was a good day… Now, I’m just going to put some ice on my back.. and I should be all set…

Photos of Mayfield Falls
Four Monkeys hanging on a tree – Eddie, Nate, Me & Rob.

Basking in the last waterfall

“You’re the man!!” – Rob (talking to our guide)

Eddie becomes one with the water

“I am loving this!”

Nate actually smiling & giving a Jamaican Thumbs Up

Our new Rastafari friend, Bashi

Landscape of the lush mountainside

Young cannabis plant

Best Jerk Chicken restaurant in Savanna-La-Mar


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