Welcome to Jamaica:)

Got here in one piece… It was a long day yesterday… and entertaining as well. All I gotta say Negril is having a porn convention.. Who would have thought? Which made yesterday’s flight from LAX really interesting…. Jenna Jameson was on our flight.. In the flesh so to speak… fully clothed of course. I’ll take more about our plane trip later…
Nate & Eddie (our friend from L.A.) at the Miami Airport.

Rob & I at the Miami Airport… This is what staying up all night to pack looks like…

We’re overwhelmed with the sites and sounds here. The food is fantastic so far. It is hot and humid, but we are on the beach and the seabreezes cool things off quite a bit. I have had lots of Red Stripe…I even had one in honor of my Jamaican friend, Gary’s birthday….(Biggups to Gary!)

Here’s our rough itinerary:
Today (Thursday) : Snorkeling & Jetskiing, The Jungle Bar for dancehall
Friday: Visit to Mayfield Falls & Negril Cliffs
Saturday: Snorkeling & Horseback Riding
Sunday: Local Mango Festival & visit to Appleton Rum Estate
Monday: ATV Safari & Swinging from tree to tree (will explain later)

God, I love actually taking a REAL vacation..

Gotta go! THe water and sun are calling me:)

updated 05.26.06
I’m sure everyone’s dying to hear the Jenna Jameson story. First, I did not get any photos of her clothed or otherwise… please don’t ask…. But, if you don’t believe me, I have three male traveling companions that are ABSOLUTELY certain it was her.
Okay… Here’s the story:
Eddie, Rob & I were completely comatose on the 5 hr. flight from LA to Miami. We all stayed up all night packing. We were woken up by the obnoxious guy in front of us. He was bragging about all the places he had been to.. blah.. blah.. and about how South Beach in Miami had the most colorful-painted building in the world… or maybe just the U.S… It took all that I had not to correct him. He went on and on about how he would be in Miami the following week for another “shoot”. I really was not evasdropping. Anyone within a 8 row radius heard him. He was your typical L.A. name-dropper. I put my ipod back on and ignored him. As we were deplaning in Miami, he yells towards the back of the plane, “WHERE ARE MY PORN STARS?! I know you’re back there… Wake up! wake up!” At which point, he orders a guy to carry his enormous camera bag. All the three of could think was what an @ss. I looked towards the back and see a couple of women that look possibly like porn material. However, chicks that have tons of plastic surgery is not unusual for L.A. nor does it make one a porn star. I thought nothing of it….That it until we got off the plane and Rob & Eddie were laughing saying that it was Jenna Jameson that was sitting in the back of the plane in coach… Who would have thought?! I didn’t believe them until she walked passed me in the Ladies’ Room. I knew it was her because I seen enough Maxim & FHM Magazines to recognize her immediately. She had on a ton of make-up and was A LOT skinnier than one can image. I was little surprised that she was traveling in Coach and not First Class. Rob reminded me that if she is flying to Jamaica on someone else’s dime she’ll go however they choose…especially if it’s for “business”. One of her traveling companions told Rob & I that they were going to Negril for “work” and then a bunch as in about 30-50 were meeting up for a convention/get-togther in at a resort in Negril. It just goes to show you that you never know who you’ll run into in L.A. or leaving it.


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