Day One in the Sun

Here’s a more in-depth recap of the events thus far….

When we arrived last night, the resort arranged to have dinner already waiting for us. This, by the way, is a very nice touch. After a day of traveling and not-so-good airline/airport food, the baked chicken and side of rice wtih corn was the best meal any of us had ever had. No one bothered to unpack. We all simply turned on the air-conditioning in our rooms and passed out. I think perhaps the Red Stripes on the 1.25 hr bus ride from Montego Bay to Negril also aided and abetted in the early night.

Today was our first full day in Jamaica. When we woke up, we got a look at our accomodations. We are staying at Crystal Waters Villas. It’s a small resort on 7-mile beach in Negril. Don’t let the name mislead you. By Villas they mean quaint little cottages on the beach, not grandiose palazzo. The resort is comprised of approximately 9 cottages. The largest is a four-bedroom cottage on the beach. We have rented a two bedroom, two bath cottage. The place is very homey with a full kicthen, dining room and living room with cable TV… not that we plan to watch that much TV.

We decided to go snorkeling…or rather Nate, Rob, & I went snorkeling. Eddie went along for the ride. We went on Captain Mike’s Glass Bottom boat. It was amazing… we cheated and didn’t exactly swim. We used life vests to keep ourselves afloat on the surface of the water. I was a little paranoid after my adventure in Hanauma Bay and a Honolulu Emergency Room. Rob had the Underwater camera while we were snorkeling. Here are a few of our pics…
Captain Mike’s Glass Bottom Boat

Eddie & Nate

Fish on the reef

“What are you looing at?” – Yellow fish

I’m on the move

Nate giving a thumbs up. Me adjusting my mask

I’m just waiting to get back onto the boat

We’re off to the Jungle tonight… not the actual jungle, but a club/bar… This should be interesting… I’m going to need a nap.. and so will you after reading this post….


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