2nd Attempt at being a Travel blogger

So, I failed miserably at chronicling my trip to Europe last fall. When trying to blog on the road, one must consider several factors… 1.) internet accessiblity, 2. ) cost of said accessibility, 3.) personal stamina after a day of non-stop sight-seeing and traipsing around time. I of course did not factor any of the above. Between trying to decipher a German keyboard, being exhausted and mental stimutlated beyond description, and the ridiculous cost of internet access in some cities, I failed miserably. It was a wonderful experience and I am DEFINITELY going back for more trips to Europe. I highly recommend Trafalgar Tours, but a 9 country race over the course of 10 days is not for the faint of heart. Next time, I plan to start training… Which brings me to this trip…. A trip of an entirely different theme and flavor…


Yes, indeed, this is my first real vacation in a long time… which is not the same as going on trips… Trips = sightseeing = running around needing a vacation afterwards… I have no itinerary, no real plans… Just looking forward to some sun, tropical rain… and some outdoor adventure… I’ll be going with Rob, my brother Nate, and our friend Eddie…

We’re staying in Negril at a Villa for 6 days….

It’ll be good times… I will post more info…. I promise…hahhaha… Now, if only I could narrow down my wardrobe…


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