The sightseeing onslaught begins!

4:00AM Wake-up call

4:45AM Downstairs for breakfast

5:30AM On the bus

6:00AM Meet at tour company headquarters for trip info and money exchange.

6:30AM On the road again. Snooze on the bus….

9:05AM Arrive at Dover on the Southern Coast of London to take a ferry across the English Channel to Calais, France. Had breakfast on the ferry.

1:30PM Move into a new time zone and arrive in France. Head for Amsterdam, Netherlands. More snoozing on the bus…..

2:00PM Stop on the Belgium/Netherlands border for coffee break

2:30PM Continue on. Still more snoozing on the bus…..

4:00PM Arrive in Amsterdam. Take a tour of the Dassan Diamond Company. See a very brief demonstration of diamond cutting & polishing. Fell in love with a beautiful 0.26 carat Wellington Color SI 99% Brilliance Pave Ring. Mom dragged me out of store before I spent an entire month’s paycheck… Oh it was calling my name… and I’m not THAT much of a jewelry girl…..

5:00PM Tour of Amsterdam via boat. Got an interesting view of the city from some of its canals.

6:30PM Dinner and sovenir shopping in Amsterdam’s main street area. Had the most enormous order of fries I’ve ever seen with mustard. (Mustard is very sweet here in Amsterdam.) Stores really do sell everything under the sun. They had clogs, t-shirts, bongs, vibrators, marijuana seeds, “magic” mushrooms, condoms, edible underwear, etc. etc. If it had to do with tourism or the “pleasure” industry, they had it for sale.

8:00PM Walking tour of “Red Light” district. It is as racy as one can imagine… and we were out there early…The girls are young and beautiful…The men walking around are horny and rowdy. If you think Vegas is a wild time, go to Amsterdam. It makes Vegas look like a kindergarten. They have pissoirs on the street corners. Pissoir = public urinal without any covering. Men just walk up and handle their business. The funny part about this portion of the show is that my mom was so embarrassed… I was waiting for her to faint from embarrassment.

9:00PM Arrive at the hotel. I am pooped. According to our tour guide, Kevin this is the longest day of our trip. The rest of the days are not supposed to be this gruelling. (I’m not inclined to believe him since we’re supposed to be up and out by 7:45AM tomorrow….)

4 Countries in one day = very tired Anne… Goodnight…zzzzzzz


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