Chinatown & Apple Store London

We finally did some light sightseeing. We decided to take the bus into Central London to have a look around and shop. We ended up in London’s Theatre Distric & Chinatown. I did even know that London had a Chinatown! While my mom, aunt, & uncle hung around Chinatown, I made a mad dash for the Apple Store near Picadilly Circus. It was the longest walk of my life! I went to purchase a digital camera adapter for my ipod. The Apple Store in London was like the hottest place to be. It had two stories and had the music blasting. I had never seen so many young and attractive people all in one place. They had security guys at the door and for a split second I thought they were going to card me. All they need was a bar serving cocktails and that would have been it for me… It would have been nerd heaven! hahahahahah.

Side note
Although I brought my digital equipment with me, I don’t think uploading will possible. I’m still looking into it.. At worst, I’ll post the accompanying photos when I get back.


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